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Your most trusted manpower Solutions provider from India to fulfill All Your Workforce requirements.

Skilled Technical Staffing

We have a deep network for providing the most skilled and talented workforce in terms of Engineers, Medical Professionals, technicians, and other specialists for different industries.

Permanent Workforce Solutions

We help in finding the most professional talents for filling up different company positions for building a strong team.

Temporary Staffing

We help with cost-effective and flexible solutions for short-term workforce solutions. 

About Us

Build The Most Productive Workforce in Middle-East

Imagine the most productive workforce that is highly skilled and extremely efficient and provides a cost-effective value. That’s the power and advantage Rao International brings to the table. As the most credible Indian manpower supply company we will build the most productive workforce for all your job roles and requirements from India and provide the top-level experts in their craft in the pool of talented professionals.

Since 1977, we have the capacity and have become the ultimate bridging medium for opportunity and talent, thus crafting job solutions that help empower businesses all across the globe, and for diverse industries and services.

Our Services

Manpower Services

Whether you’re looking for short boosts for specific projects or permanent talent to join your professional dream team to manage the company or services we provide the top-level services to help you with any work. 

Manpower Consultancy

As the top-tier Manpower Consultancy and the Top manpower agency in India, we at Rao International help companies provide the top talents from India. The main aim of Rao International is to find the right talent or servicemen according to your needs.

Recruitment Consultant

As one of the most credible and Licensed recruitment agency in India, we understand the importance of workforce and employees and how they can shape the future of any company or organization.

IT Staffing Services

The IT industry has grown leaps and bounds in recent years and Many IT companies have emerged especially in the Middle East also to meet the uncompromised and complex demands of the clients.

Contract Staffing Services

As the most Productive manpower agency in India Rao International has been providing the best and most productive Comprehensive staffing from India that can be hired on contractual or temporary basis.

Oil and Gas

Rao International through its constant persistence and providing the best in the Middle East region has become the Best manpower agency from India to provide the top Skilled.

Our Clients

Top Countries for Rao International

These are the Top Countries that hire Indian citizens for Work in Different Industries. Saudi Arabia is the top, Followed by UAE and Qatar 

Saudi Arabia

Why Choose Rao International?

Serving the Middle East and World from over four decades now, We at Rao International have placed thousands and thousands of workers ( whether skilled or unskilled) successfully into required needs and positions in different industries. 

Trusted by multiple clients across the Middle East Region, we have successfully provided the manpower to help these companies achieve their goals. Whether it’s the energy sector like Oil and Gas or Healthcare or Hospitality sector or core industries, we have placed both skilled and labor as per our client’s needs.

Mission and Vision

Serving our clients for many decades now, we supply the best manpower solutions that will suit their needs. At Rao International we have provided our best and strive to bet better each and every day to provide even better services to our clients. 


To provide an unparalleled recruitment solution to organizations of all sizes, one that is both distinctive and integrated. To help our clients grow through effective multidirectional communication.


To exceed client expectations through outstanding collaboration and complete professionalism. To be regarded as honest and reliable by our clientele. Encourage our employees' talents and aspirations, and motivate them to meet your expectations.

The Best Manpower Service in Middle-East Region

Most Dynamic Manpower Service

Rao International is a dynamic and rapidly growing professional recruitment agency that specializes in delivering suitable job opportunities for skilled and non-skilled levels across all functions worldwide to all places in the Middle East.

Full Service Manpower Agency

From the selection to the documentation to the recruitment and other processes,we as the Full-service manpower agency in India will find the best talent and right workforce to fulfill your industrial or organizational needs.

Highest Quality Staffing Through Industry Experts

We have a team of qualified specialists who work tirelessly to guarantee that our clients receive the highest quality services possible. With our knowledge and expertise in this industry, we can effectively grasp the various demands of our clients and provide them with unique solutions.

Solid Presence and Decades in Experience

Since the inception of our company, we have established a solid presence in the recruitment sector, servicing reputable clients over the years. We provide services to our clients at extremely inexpensive rates.

Global Talent Solution

Hire The Best Talent through Rao International Today!


Our Clients Say About Us

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Walter M. Bing Manager

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Shams W.Pawel Founder & CEO
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