Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

Rao International through its constant persistence and providing the best in the Middle East region has become the Best manpower agency from India to provide the top Skilled and non-skilled workers from India that can contribute to the economy and drive the progress of this region towards happiness and success. We at Rao International (RI) have a deep specialization in providing the best in-class workforce for the Energy sector. We provide the top unskilled and Skilled workers from India to work in the Oil and Gas sector for different firms, whether private or governmental. As the Licensed recruitment agency in India, we have the prowess to provide the most productive and technically skilled or unskilled workforce according to your needs. RI has been in the business of supplying the best skilled and Unskilled labor from India for more than four decades. We partner with global firms and help in providing tailored workforce solutions according to your needs.

Drilling and Exploration Expertise

Leverage with the manpower services of RI and access professionals and experts in Oil, drilling operations and energy.

Upstream Talent Solutions

Rao International gets tailored solutions based on the different requirements of  the oil and energy sector. 

Integrated Downstream Staffing

Optimize the different operations downstream from Roa International with integrated solutions for staffing. 

Top Talent Access

Having the power of top talents and professionals for the Oil and Energy Sector.

Cost Effective Solutions

Providing the perfect talent based on cost and resources and minimization of expenses. 

Industry Expertise

Having a diverse pool of individuals and professionals that have an understanding of the oil sector. 

Staffing Flexibility

Permanent or temporary staffing based on their energy and oil sector.

Compliance and Safety

RI provides professionals with adherence to compliance and safety. 

Workforce Planning

Workforce planning based on skills, project needs and industry trends.

Benefits To You

A Fully Integrated Design Engineering Work

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Building Renovation
Building Mintenance
New Building Construction


Expedite and time efficient hiring process taking care of all core practicals with the help of experienced officials. 


Using experienced teams to adapt to changing business environments and providing the most versatile talent accordingly.

Hiring Process

Have the most experienced team for screening the right candidate to suit your needs.

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