Get the top quality construction workers for your projects through Rao International. 

Building Contracting/Maintenance And Materials

Find building contractors from India with experience. 

Civil Engineering

RI provides the most experienced Civil engineers who can handle your construction and real estate projects.

Concrete/Ready Mix

Get the Concrete/Ready Mix and drivers to run these vehicles from Rao International. 

Catering Services

Get Manpower to run catering services for hotels and other spaces from Rao International.

Cement Plants

Get skilled or Unskilled labor from India to work in cement plants for cement production from RI.


 Get Skilled workers from India to transport goods and passengers around from Rao International.

Chemical And Petrochemical Complexes

Get Reputed staffing from India to work in challenging environments of chemical and petrochemical complexes from RI.

Cleaning And Maintenance Services

Get the best janitorial and cleaning and maintenance staff from India whether skilled or unskilled according to your requirements.


Get healthcare specialists from Doctors, Nurses, etc, from RI for your health services, etc.

Hospitals And Clinics

Get Healthcare professionals from Certified Indian manpower provider Rao International to work in Hospitals and Clinics.

Hotel Industry

Get Specialized manpower from India from Chefs, Bakers, or hospitality professionals to serve in the hotel industry from RI to provide the best hospitality.


Get certified and well-experienced professionals to run your professional instrumentation from Rao International the Manpower license agency from India

Installation and Maintenance Services

Get highly experienced servicemen for the installation and Maintenance of your machinery and services from RI.

Mine & Refinery

Mine or Refinery, we will supply servicemen to work in mines or refineries to extract minerals or petroleum, etc. Trust Rao for both skilled and unskilled workers. 

Oil And Gas

Hire workers and professional servicemen to work in the Oil and gas sector, extraction, refining, and storage through top oil and gas recruiter Rao International.


Get Skilled workers from India for the Petrochemical industry from lower to higher positions in the industry through Rao International. 


Get the best Manpower to undertake tasks for working in a refinery from the unskilled to technical professionals from Rao International.


From industry operations storage and other processes, get skilled and unskilled labor to run your steel plants from Rao International.  

Airconditioning And Refrigeration

Get the servicemen to handle your air conditioning and refrigeration systems from Rao International.

Architects/Auditing/ Accounting

 Get the Architects of auditors or Chartered Accountants to handle your buildings and your accounts. 

Automobile Engg. And Workshops

Get the best automobile technicians and engineers to have the best workshop professionals to handle all your automobile and workshop needs.

Drilling/Contracting Services

Drilling or contracting professionals and skilled labor from India from Rao International. 

Electric Power Generation

Get workers to work in Electric Power Generation and other tasks from India. 

Electrical Contracting And Maintenance

Whether you need an Electrical Contracting or Maintenance professional, RI will supply the labor to handle all your needs.

Electronics Engg

Get the best and most skilled Electrical Engineers to handle all your advanced and basic electronics and engineering needs from Rao International.

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