Manpower Services

Manpower Services

Rao International, credited as the top manpower company has been servicing its clients since 1977. Since 1977, we possess the ability and established the most ideal bridging medium for opportunity and talent, offering job solutions that help empower businesses all over the world, spanning industries and services. 


Whether you’re looking for short boosts for specific projects or permanent talent to join your professional dream team to manage the company or services we provide the top-level services to help you with any work. 

Whether you are seeking skilled technicians, engineers, servicemen, plumbers, building contracting Maintenance and Materials, Civil Engineering Maintenance and contracts, and many other job roles including hospitality sector or industrial, we provide the skilled labor for you as the best manpower agency from India

Agile Workforce Management

We Excel in providing flexible staffing solutions ranging from Contract based, project based or temporary work solutions.

Innovative Solutions

We use modern tech for most efficient and high level talent acquisition.

Industry Expertise

We have industry experts who recruit based on industry demands and company level requirements. We understand your workforce needs. 

Skilled and Unskilled Workers

Whether your organization or company needs top-end skilled workers or you need simple and basic unskilled workers for construction and other industrial or service tasks, we at Rao International have the potential to provide top-quality laborers. We can provide both skilled and Unskilled labor from India according to your requirements.

Unskilled Labor

Searching for unskilled labor to handle all your tasks like construction, mining and refineries, hotels, Steel, Petrochemicals, etc. We supply unskilled labor to help you train them and provide them with the technical training to help grow your company and industry. We are masters in providing Skilled and non-skilled workers from India.

Full-Service Manpower Agency

We have become the Best manpower agency from India by becoming the most trusted Full-service manpower agency in India due to our decades-old experience and trustworthy recruitment process. From finding the right talent to training them with specialized training and recruiting them in the right organization, we are the Full-Service Manpower Agency to help you find the right talent from start to finish.

Building Maintenance

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Architecture Design

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Industrial Construction

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Expedite and time efficient hiring process taking care of all core practicals with the help of experienced officials.


Using experienced teams to adapt to changing business environments and providing the most versatile talent accordingly.

Hiring Process

Have the most experienced team for screening the right candidate to suit your needs. 

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