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As one of the most credible and Licensed recruitment agency in India, we understand the importance of workforce and employees and how they can shape the future of any company or organization. Rao International provides workforce solutions whether it’s skilled or Unskilled labor from India if the employer or client wants a raw workforce for further technical training.  We make the candidates face a technical round of multiple layers to make the best candidate to be hired by you in your organization. We screen the candidates through a multiple-layer selection process that screens out the top candidates. From selection to hiring we are the Full-service manpower agency in India.

Market Expertise

Leverage the in-depth knowledge for market trends, salary benchmarks, and industry dynamics.

Access to Extensive Networks

Tap into extensive professional networks cultivated by recruitment consultants providing access to a diverse pool of qualified candidates.

Time Efficiency

Expedite the hiring process with the expertise of recruitment consultants and  presenting qualified candidates, reducing time-to-fill for critical roles.

Customized Recruitment Strategies

Benefit from tailored recruitment strategies designed to align with your organization’s unique needs.

Specialized Industry Knowledge

Access recruitment consultants with specialized industry knowledge, enabling them to identify and assess candidates based on the specific skills. 

Employer Brand Enhancement

Collaborate with recruitment consultants to enhance your employer brand. Their expertise in presenting your organization positively to potential candidates contributes to a strong and appealing employer brand.

Comprehensive Candidate Screening

Rely on recruitment consultants to conduct thorough candidate screenings, including skill assessments, interviews, and reference checks, ensuring that only the most qualified candidates are presented.

Confidential and Discreet Hiring

Engage in confidential and discreet hiring processes facilitated by recruitment consultants, particularly crucial for executive searches or sensitive roles where privacy is paramount.

Strategic Advising

Recruitment Consultants serve as strategic partners, offering advice beyond basic hiring.

Benefits To You

A Fully Integrated Design Engineering Work

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Building Renovation
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New Building Construction


Expedite and time efficient hiring process taking care of all core practicals with the help of experienced officials.


Using experienced teams to adapt to changing business environments and providing the most versatile talent accordingly.

Hiring Process

Have the most experienced team for screening the right candidate to suit your needs. 

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