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Comprehensive staffing from India

The IT industry has grown leaps and bounds in recent years and Many IT companies have emerged especially in the Middle East also to meet the uncompromised and complex demands of the clients. In order to meet these complex demands of the clients, there is a big need for a highly skilled and talented workforce especially from India. The Companies are looking for some employment solutions that are “future ready” and provide solutions that come straight ‘out of the box’.

We Understand Your Needs

At Rao International as the most Best manpower agency from India we understand your needs and requirements in the complex world of Information Technology and the complex challenges that the companies face these days. We understand the importance of different IT workforce that can work and evolve according to your needs.

Global Talent Access

With RI access a global level talent pool of IT professionals with diverse experiences and backgrounds.

New Tech Adoption

With Rao International access to candidates with a higher level of experience using new technologies and resources.

Scalable Solutions

We at Rao International have scalable IT recruitment solutions based on your requirements.

Specialized Talent Access

With RI you have access to a diverse and experienced pool of IT professionals that are ready to take on any challenge based on your projects and company culture.

Agility in Scaling

With Roa International scaling your workforce gets much easier based on your demands and projects. With advanced Scaling methods of RI, you get this advanced power. 

Cost Savings

With Rao International, save costs and resources through our most experienced and advanced professional recruitment system.

Time Efficiency

Expedite your recruitment process with our most efficient and effective IT recruitment solutions that bring the best candidates with maximum effectiveness and speed.

Flexible Staffing Models

Choose from a wide array of staffing processes from Temporary to permanent staffing or contractual needs. We will employ candidates based on your needs and duration.

Risk Mitigation

With RI, mitigate all skill gaps or talent shortages and get the best candidates based on your position and project requirements.

Benefits To You

A Fully Integrated Design Engineering Work

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Building Renovation
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Expedite and time efficient hiring process taking care of all core practicals with the help of experienced officials.


Using experienced teams to adapt to changing business environments and providing the most versatile talent accordingly.

Hiring Process

Have the most experienced team for screening the right candidate to suit your needs. 

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